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Soul Mate Film School

Soul Mate Film is a new film school located in Lagos, Nigeria.


Soul Mate Studio is the official creator of Public Secrets, a popular channel on YouTube

Official Movie Website

Soul Mate Studio provide On Demand Movies for viewers and fan on MySoulmateTv.com

Movie Production

Soul Mate Studio has be the producer behind some of the biggest films in the industry. With quality production, Soul Mate Studio remains in the fore front in the movie industry.

Content Distribution

Content distribution is one of Soul Mate’s core service. As a distribution partner to some of the big movie platform, Soul Mate Studio has distributed content within and outside the country.

Movie Marketing

Soul Mate Studio is one of the biggest movie marketer in the Nigerian movie industry

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Interested applicants can now register for an Acting Course at Soul Mate Film School.

About us

Our core values is simply, breeding new generation of young talent for the fast and ever growing industry, giving young and vibrant minds the opportunity to hit the big screen and bringing families together in one seat to watching not just another entertaining programme on TV, but, a soul-inspring, motivational, educational, family-friendly entertainment encapsulated by good morals. Some call us “The new face of Nollywood”, others say we are ‘kidding’ just because Soul mate films is centered around kids and their families. But, we say it is time for Change. Kids, come join and enjoy.

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Soul Mate Studio Audition

SORRY REGISTRATION FOR THE AUDITION IS NOW CLOSED. If you have registered already, just wait for an update from us. We will send you information on the date and time for your audition. Thank you all for entering.

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